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We are actively looking for a ColdFusion developer, with at least four years of experience.  You must know XHTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, JSON, XML, Flash and RSS. Take a look at the Developers Section below for more information.

If you are that one in a million, live-sleep-eat-breathe-creativity, can-I-please-sleep-under-my-desk, does-anyone-like-CounterStrike, yes-I-can-solve-that, hey-come-look-what-I-did, type of person... then we will gladly review your Curriculum Vitae / resumé / portfolio for upcoming positions.

We don't want a standard CV - we don't care where you went to school or about the job you had in a supermarket when you were 16. Show us your passion, what you can do, what you have done and tell us what makes you unique. Let us know how that you can take a bit of pressure and that you're a team player.

The Digital Crew philosophy is that we are a team, a crew... you are as important as anybody else; your opinions and vision will be appreciated. If you are accepted into the crew, you will have the opportunity to help direct the ship.

General Requirements

  • You must be able to work on your own initiative.
  • You must be open to suggestion and constructive criticism.
  • You must be a cut above the rest.
  • You must be down-to-earth
  • You must have an exceptional work ethic.
  • You must actually like technology - it must be more than just a job.
  • Continually develop your own skillset (Programmers - take note - this includes developing non-programming skills such as communication and management skills).

Graphic designers

  • We want to see what you have done and it must impress us.
  • You must have a love affair with Photoshop.
  • You must be continually trying new things.
  • You must be passionate - keeping up with trends, reviewing other peoples work.
  • Having 3d modelling and rendering experience is a bonus.



  • You must know ColdFusion (we'll give you a simple test to see if you make the cut)
  • You must also be the type of person who continually strives to be better and strives to make the organisation better.
  • Having read Code Complete is a bonus but not required.
  • Having a thirst for knowledge is definitely important.
  • A willingness to get hands dirty with ColdFusion, JavaScript, ActionScript, JSON, XML and RSS.
  • You must be willing to take on board and support your own ColdFusion, Javascript or Flash projects - we want programmers who make stuff - not just talk about it. Don't worry - we'll help you get started if you're willing and able.
  • You must be able to hack into the CIA database and expunge your criminal record... ok, maybe not.
  • You must be the type of person who enjoys this type of work. We want you to impress us - we want to help you be a great programmer and developer.
  • We have met loads of great, fantastic, idealistic programmers who never do anything useful with their ability - we want people who are achievers not talkers.

Sales & Marketing People

  • You must be able to sell without resorting to industry hype
  • You must be able to stand in front of a crowd and explain in simple to understand terminology why Digital Crew is their best choice.
  • You must be a 'people-person'.
  • You must be confident and determined.
  • You must be friendly.
  • You must treat your role in Digital Crew as more than just a job, we want you to be passionate about your role as part of the Crew. 

Submit Your CV

  • Submit Via email · UPDATE: When applying for a programming or design job, what we need to see are examples of your work, There is no point sending us yet another CV with a long list of programming skills - we want to see what you can do. Please impress us with portfolios, online examples, screenshots or sample code; tell us about a project you and have worked on and what drives you.
  • By Mail:
    Personnel Manager
    Granite Digital,
    1 Eastgate road, Little Island,
  • Give us a call on +353 (0)21 242 7890
  • Drop in - we have an open door policy and welcome visitors